Restaurant Chain Experience

Joseph Quicquaro has experience providing project management and equipment purchasing services to the following chain restaurants:


"Joe Quicquaro conducted a thorough appraisal of the equipment of a deli we were considering purchase of. He explained his methods and reasoning clearly and concisely in a manner that was easily understandable to both the seller and I. additionally, he conducted his research in a timely manner and I found it to be of great value. In the end, we opted not to purchase the business we profiled, and I credit Joe's work as a large reason why we decided not to pay the seller's asking price, which we deemed grossly overvalued. I will surely use Joe's services moving forward where applicable." — Matt Cuomo


  • Edward A. Butcher ASA, CSA
    919 Northwood Ave.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15202
    Ph. 412-761-3722
    Fx. 412-415-1253
  • Joseph A. Tedorski, Executive General Adjuster
    GAB Robins North America Inc.
    Manor Oak One, Suite 570

    1910 Cochran Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220-1107
    Ph. 412-344-1599 x24
    Fax 412-344-1662
  • Bill Matrogran
    Erie Insurance Group

    P.O. Box 265
    Apollo, PA 15613
    Ph. 800-553-3367
    Fx. 800-553-5504
  • Tom Gravina, Attorney
    The Pitt Building, Suite 304
    213 Smithfield Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222
  • Matt Cuomo
    Restaurant Buyer

    100 Trolley Ct. Pittsburgh, PA
  • Mark S. Weis
    Rothman Gordon Attorneys at Law

    Third Floor, Grant Building
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Ph. 412-338-1100
    Fx. 412-281-7304
  • Mr. Gary Yeckley, Indiana First Bank
    935 Philadelphia Street
    Indiana, PA 15701
  • Marc Anthony Management Co.
    805 Center Ave.

    Pittsburgh, PA 15238
    Ph. 412-828-5999
    Fx. 412-828-6633
  • A.E. Cuneo II
    Real Estate & Business Appraiser

    P.O. Box 626
    Bethel Park, PA 15102-0626
    Ph. 412-886-1722
    Fx. 412-886-1722
  • James W. Skelton & Associates Inc.

    P.O. Box 36038
    Burmingham, AL 35236
  • B. Scott Ware, Senior Review Appraiser
    Appraisal Section/Right of Way Division
    West Virginia Department of Transportation
    Division of Highways
    Building 5, Room 110
    1900 Kanawaha Boulevard East
    Charleston, WV 25305-0430
  • Jim Balsarini, CSA
    Chairman EAANA
    1370 Langport Dr.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15241
    Cell: 412-491-0173
    Main: 800-637-5614
  • Jennifer Zofcin, Esq.
    Bergstein & Galper, P.C.

    409 Schoonmaker Avenue
    P.O. Box A
    Monessen, PA 15062
    Francesco's Italian Deli
  • Frank Razzano
    10457 Wild Turkey Ave.
    Bonita Springs, FL 34135
    Ph. 239-463-5634
  • John Dilloughery
    Portfolio/Remarketing Manager
    CalFirst Leasing Corporation
    18201 Von Karman Ave. Suite 800
    Irvine, CA 92612